Used Car Or Certified Pre-Owned Car?

by | Apr 30, 2015 | Computers

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There was a time when there were two types of cars available; new and used. Today there is a third option, certified pre-owned and many buyers of used cars in Joliet see them as being the best deal.

A good part of the reason is depreciation. The depreciation on a new car follows an almost pre-defined curve. The curve is at its steepest when the car id brand new and as time goes by the curve begins to flatten. The buyer that opts for a new car is faced with paying a large penalty as he or she has to foot the initial depreciation; subsequent owners of the vehicle stand to foot much smaller losses. The wise buyer of used cars in Joliet takes advantage of this, letting the original owner take the initial hit thus saving themselves a great deal of money.

A certified pre-owned car starts with an exceptional clean used car that must also meet certain strict standards of age and mileage. Any used car that is either too old or has too many miles on it will never qualify. The same is true for condition if the vehicle has any mechanical problems or major damage of any sort it is not considered for the program. Once a car as been deemed a candidate for the program it is subjected to a major reconditioning process which includes any body work, mechanical issues as well as the interior. Whatever the car needs it gets; new brakes, new tires, it does not matter. Once the reconditioning of the vehicle has been completed, it is subjected to an intensive inspection which typically cover over 150 individual points.

Once the car is ready to put on the lot it is a real “cream-puff,” not only that the car comes with a warranty which either extends what new car warranty remains or goes on top of the current warranty. Typically a certified pre-owned vehicle will come with a 12 month, 12,000-mile warranty on top of whatever is left on the original manufacturer’s warranty.

With a certified pre-owned vehicle having so much going for it, why would anyone even consider buying typical used cars in Joliet? The reason is simple; if the objective is to keep the cash outlay as low as possible then a used car is the solution. The used car market is huge, there is bound to be a vehicle that meets the needs of any buyer, but you are on your own.

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