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Reasons to Consider Online Church Services When Living in Jacksonville

There was a time that you could only interact with the people that were physically close to you. However, expanded access to the internet has changed the way people can socialize. Through your phone, laptop, or tablet,

Church Volunteers Can Make a Difference with Time and Unique Talents

Churches are built, and made strong, by the hands of many. That’s why it is so important to have church volunteers who give their time, talents, and treasures as part of a team. Only with this essential

Southpoint Baptist Church in Jacksonville, FL, Reaches Out to Residents

One of the most important jobs a church has is reaching out to others who may not be religious and could benefit from the sense of unity and God’s message. The Southpoint Baptist Church in Jacksonville, FL,

An Effective Church Youth Ministry Encourages Kids to Embrace Good Works

Churches and synagogues perform a lot of invaluable work, and their number-one goal can usually be summed up in one phrase—helping others. Most religious organizations take this responsibility very seriously. Because it is such an important part