Why You Should Sell Oil and Gas Royalties

by | May 4, 2015 | Business

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There are several reasons as to why each royalty owner would want to sell oil and gas royalties. Numerous landowners proved that selling portions of their royalties is a smart way to avoid going to the bank, especially when it comes to capital needs.

Different Scenarios

Some royalty owners have decided to sell some of their royalties so they could purchase a ranch. There were also sellers who wished to fund someone’s dream wedding. Some sellers decided to liquidate some of their royalties because of a family emergency occurring. They needed the cash.

Different reasons a realty owner has sold:

1. Fixing estate issues
2. Saving on taxes
3. Getting rid of any hassle with managing their own royalty
4. Liquidity so they can invest on another opportunity

No Hassle with Estate

If you were in charge of an estate, it may be easier to sell the royalties rather than splitting everything up. Most people believe it is best to liquidate the estate, instead of dividing any interest.

Pay Off Debt

If you have debt piling up, you may be searching for ways out of that mess. You can sell oil and gas royalties to get the money to pay your debt. Whether you have school loans, credit cards, medical bills, etc., you will be able to finally get the money you need.

You Are Stressed Over Managing

If you have had enough of the royalties and you just don’t want to be in control of them anymore, you can sell oil and gas royalties. It can be overwhelming to deal with something like this that you aren’t even interested doing so. Not to mention, you will get money in return for the things you do enjoy.


When you are thinking you want to sell oil and gas royalties, you should know about the tax benefits. When you have money coming from royalties, that money is thought of as income. The more income you have, you will be in a higher tax bracket. When you sell, it will be considered a “capital gain.” The interest percentage is less for capital gains than royalties and income. Selling would make a positive impact on your taxes.


Each state is different when it comes to sell oil and gas royalties. In order to successfully go through this process, you must know your laws and regulations where you live. It is best to do your research before you even decide to go about this. You want to make sure that you are selling the way you should, etc. Each state manages their oil and gas royalties completely different.

It can be quite the hassle to deal with these royalties. You can talk to a professional about this matter to make it an easier process. There is a company who you can sell these royalties though. Be sure the company you choose has a good track record.

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