Fun Question and Answer Games for the Guests at a Wedding And Banquet Facility in Southwest Ranches

Posted by Daniel Lawrence on October, 2019

On a couple’s wedding day, the focus naturally is on these two happy people beginning the next chapter of their lives. They’ve reserved a Wedding And Banquet Facility in Southwest Ranches and created a menu that will satisfy all their guests. If they realize that a large number of their guests will not know each other well or at all, they might make up some party favors that contain fun questions for everyone.

How Do You Know the Bride or Groom?

This is a bit similar to the way hosts of some gatherings ask everyone to provide a brief personal introduction. The initial question for everyone at a Wedding And Banquet Facility in Southwest Ranches might ask how this person knows the bride or groom. That can be more interesting than a personal bio of a sentence or two, which people are likely to forget quickly.

During the reception and dinner at a dining establishment like Capriccio Italian Restaurant, the guests will be entertained by some of the questions and the amusing answers. The funnier questions can be sprinkled in with more straightforward ones. Click here for details on this particular reception venue.

What Do You Like Best About This Wedding?

Depending on the number of guests, each might just get one question to answer. What’s your favorite thing about this wedding so far? Many guests might say the food or the clothes that the bridal party is wearing. Some will mention how happy the couple is or the setting where the wedding took place.

Written Questions and Answers

In addition to having spoken questions and answers, the couple might have a high-quality notebook sent around the room in which their guests will answer a question. Now the people have a little time to think about the answer. An example of a question might be a romantic travel destination that the person recommends.

A set of cards with a question to answer could be distributed. The question might ask each guest to tell something funny they remember about either the bride or groom. A cousin might tell an amusing story about something they did as a child, for instance. Later, those answers will be read aloud by the bride and groom, members of the bridal party.

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