Travel By Houseboats On Lake Cumberland

Posted by Timothy Harvard on April, 2015

Every year, the “Ohio Navy” makes its way to the waters of Lake Cumberland. Newer members find houseboats for sale at Lake Cumberland, while others rent or use the ones they have. These Ohioans are members of the growing vacationers who make the waters of Lake Cumberland their home during the summer months. They float down the entire 101 mile long manmade lake and float into the coves and marinas that mark off the coast. These coves and marines attract house boaters from within the state of Kentucky, from across the nation and even from around the world, making it the Houseboat Capital of the World.

Why Rent or Buy a Houseboat?

There are number of reasons why you may want to rent a houseboat on Lake Cumberland. Besides the act that this is the most popular form of travel on the lake, it offers you a variety of advantages. Renting a houseboat allows those coming to the lake for the first or even fifth time to enjoy all the lake has to offer while not having to pay extra for accommodations on land. It is such an ideal solution – particularly for families, that many who have rented, return to check out houseboats for sale. Lake Cumberland pleasures are that attractive.

Being on a houseboat opens you up to everything that the water can allow. It is the perfect means of enjoying a variety of vacation past times including:

* Swimming
* Fishing
* Boating
* Snorkeling
* Shopping – land and go ashore to visit the Farmers’ Market in Russell Springs or the local shopping malls in Somerset or Jamestown
* Visit Local Sites and Attractions – including water parks, national parks, state parks and museums

These are perfectly good reasons why people rent house boats for their summer vacation. These are concrete reasons anchored in a practical approach. Yet, for many vacationers, renting or purchasing houseboats for sale at Lake Cumberland is about something more visceral. It is about the pure pleasure of riding along the river. It is about looking up at the stars at night. It is the pleasure they derive when the boat hits the water for the first time in the season.

These are all things that are not practical. Yet, they are part of the overall experience of house boating on Lake Cumberland. Whether renting or whether you opt to purchase one of the quality houseboats for sale on Lake Cumberland at such marinas as Lees Ford Marina, you become a part of the overall experience, the journey, the camaraderie that is part of this lake’s house boating culture.