Seek Fast Medical Treatment for an Injured or Ill Pet

Posted by Daniel Lawrence on September, 2018

When your family pet is ill or injured, you must take it to a nearby animal hospital in Bucktown. You can’t delay caring for a dog or cat, but you should understand how to approach the animal to bring it to a veterinarian for assistance. First, you must protect yourself because an animal that is injured or ill can attack or bite you due to its own fear. Protect your hands and body while covering the animal with a blanket so that it cannot scratch or bite you. Avoid giving the animal any water or food because it can cause complications.

Contact a Veterinarian for Assistance

If you have an animal carrier for your pet, then place the dog or cat inside it to transport the animal in your vehicle. When you don’t have a carrier, you can place the animal on the back seat or in the interior area of a vehicle. If another individual can remain near the animal, then this is a way to help you avoid any problems while driving to the nearest animal hospital in Bucktown. You can contact the veterinarian with a telephone call before you arrive so that the medical staff is prepared for an emergency.

Learn More about Emergency Pet Care from Your Pet’s Veterinarian

The veterinarian will begin an examination immediately to determine what type of injuries or illness has occurred to your pet. This examination may include taking samples of the pet’s blood or its stomach contents in addition to collecting medical images. When your pet is in pain, the veterinarian can administer painkillers before treating the animal’s injuries. Village West Veterinary is a high-quality animal hospital in Bucktown, and you can learn more about its services at website. Follow us on google+.

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