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Posted by Daniel Lawrence on March, 2019

Whether you just adopted a puppy or you have a dog that has recently displayed poor behavior, we offer the best dog training in Chicago. Our dog trainers can help you fix problem behavior before it becomes a habit. If your dog has started to spray, bark incessantly or get into things that it is not supposed to, we are ready to assist you in correcting the behavior.

We recommend dog training when your dog is a puppy. The younger your dog is when it starts our training classes, the more likely your pet is to avoid bad behaviors. Young dogs are ripe for learning. They want to please you. We help you communicate with your dog in a positive way. Our training sets you up as the alpha of the household. Your dog will recognize you as the leader of the pack and obey your commands.

Our trainers can also work with another adult in your household in order to establish a hierarchy for your dog to follow. When your dog recognizes its place in your household, it will accept commands more readily. We also help with adult dogs of all ages. If you adopted an adult dog from a shelter or took one in from a neighbor, it might have poor behaviors. We can also help you with the dog you have had for a long time.

As the providers of the best dog training in Chicago, we look forward to meeting you and your dog. At Chicago Canine Academy, we are passionate about helping dog owners have a positive, healthy and rewarding relationship with their canine companions. We invite you to join us for classes or one-on-one obedience training. Contact us by phone or visit us online at for more details about us and our services.

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