Tips for Pet Bathing in Alexandria, VA

Posted by Daniel Lawrence on April, 2019

Pets need to be properly cared for and groomed to stay healthy. Of course, this isn’t always an easy process, especially if you’re trying to bathe a big dog. The following tips for Pet Bathing in Alexandria VA should come in handy.

Don’t Put It Off

Start bathing dogs while they’re still young and less afraid of the idea and work to make it a positive experience rather than a negative one. Dogs need a bath at least every three months, with some dogs needing Pet Bathing in Alexandria VA even more often if they tend to get dirty or have skin problems.

Start With a Good Brushing

Brush the dog thoroughly before a bath to get rid of matted areas and loose hair that could make bathing more problematic or clog your drains. This is especially helpful if your dog enjoys being brushed, as it helps to pair a bath with experiences the dog likes.

Get Everything Ready Ahead of Time

Get the bath partially full of warm water and have washcloths, cotton balls, towels, shampoo, and anything else you need nearby. You don’t want to get the dog in the tub and then discover you don’t have an essential item. Start with a towel in the bottom of the tub so the dog has somewhere to stand without slipping, as a stable surface will improve the bathing experience.

Use the Right Shampoo

No type of people shampoo, even baby shampoo, is good for dogs. Your vet can recommend the best shampoo given the type of dog you have and any skin conditions the dog might have. You don’t want a shampoo that will leave your dog with dry, itchy skin.

Protect the Eyes and Ears

You don’t want water to get in the eyes and ears of the dog, which is why many people recommend using cotton balls in a dog’s ears during a bath. Wash the head with a washcloth, rather than by dumping or spraying water on it.

If you decide you’re not up to the job yourself, you can always bring your pet to Business Name for bathing and grooming. The staff can also help you with all the other necessary pet health care services.