4 Basic Ways People Develop Drug Addictions

Posted by Daniel Lawrence on March, 2016

Anyone can get hooked on drugs. Your parent, sibling, partner. Addiction to drugs is often a sign of emotional instability or the inability of a person to handle a situation emotionally.

Reasons for the Addiction

Everybody has their breaking point and that breaking point could compel someone to turn to drugs and get high in a bid to stay in control or to numb the emotional anguish. Others try it out of a strong sense of curiosity. However, not all of them will end up addicted to drugs. There are four possible reasons for that:

  1. Your family history.

Helpguide says that if your family has a past history of drug addiction, this makes you a likely candidate for addiction as well. You might have thought of the practice sans the stigma it usually comes with, all because you saw a family member do it, predisposing you to regard the activity in a positive light. That is, at least until you’ve grown up and known better.

  1. Traumatic experiences.

Experiences that left you emotionally shattered can be one reason for your drug addiction. Drugs can make you feel powerful, as well as eliminate any of the negative feelings you associate the experience with: feelings of powerlessness, insecurity, grief, among other emotions that leave you feeling emotionally devastated.

  1. Your anxiety as well as other mental disorders.

Anxiety can hobble your emotional and social development in the worst way. It can also drive you to get high in order to escape the crippling effects of the anxiety.

  1. Your past history with drugs.

If you’ve already tried drugs once or twice, and then try it again after some time, this could be enough to generate an addiction.

Finding Help

If you know you’ve got a drug problem and you’re ready to face it head-on, to beat the addiction, then start looking for a rehab center. There are plenty of drug treatment centers in Los Angeles that you’re to find exactly what you need, in terms of treatment program, crowd, location and treatment style.

Tip: Try to find a rehab facility that not only treats your withdrawal symptoms and effects of the prolonged drug use in your system but one that finds out and treats the core reason for your addiction too. Knowing why the addiction started in the first place can be what you need to bring closure to a certain chapter of your life and move on to a drug-free one.

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