Factors to Consider When Choosing Treatment Programs In Malibu

by | Sep 8, 2016 | Drug Addiction

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As a loved one of an addict or someone reaching out for help on his or her own, there are several factors or elements to consider in a recovery program. Learning about different treatment programs is critical to be able to make an informed decision about which one is the best option.

Everyone is different in his or her needs with regards to recovery. It is a good idea to take the time and make a list of everything you want in a recovery facility and then use this as a guideline to find the right match.

While the top treatment programs will treat every patient as a unique individual and tailor a treatment program around the person, there are some common factors or considerations for every patient. Verifying the treatment facility offers these elements of the program will ensure your stay has the ability to provide you with the tools and support you need to move forward in life and leave your addictive behaviors behind.

Expertise and Experience of Staff

Not all treatment programs offer the same professional staff and services. The quality programs will provide you with specific information on the types of services you will access during your treatment.

Look for programs that provide on-one-one time with recovery specialists with experience and expertise in addiction recovery. The facility should also have medical experts on staff as well as doctors with experience in the treatment of addiction from a mental health perspective.

All other professionals in the facility should also be trained in addiction recovery and have experience in working with clients in a supportive, positive and holistic way.

Focus of the Program

The holistic approach, or the treatment of the whole person, is really a key element in successful recovery programs. Simply treating the symptoms of the addiction without addressing underlying issues is not going to be effective in changing behavior in the long term.

The focus of the program should be in providing multiple therapeutic activities to engage the patient with the world around them. Learning new skills, reconnecting with their talents and become better at expressing themselves through art, music and writing are all essential in building self-esteem and self-confidence.

Facilities and Features

It is also important to know the amenities and the features of the facility. Luxurious accommodations, meals prepared by gourmet chefs, access to personal trainers and nutritionists are all features that make staying at the facility a very positive experience.

Learning about the different rehab facilities in Malibu will be important. This is often a great way to motivate a person to attend the treatment by giving them the control of choosing the facility.

The treatment program, facility, staff and features of the Serenity Malibu treatment facility are available online at www.SerenityMalibuRehab.com. You can also call and talk to our admissions experts to compare us with other treatment programs in the area.

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