When to Seek Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Posted by Daniel Lawrence on June, 2020

Alcohol addiction, or alcoholism, is a detrimental condition where the afflicted has become dependent on alcohol. This is not just harmful to the alcoholic but also to the people around him or her, especially the family members. Alcohol addiction is highly disruptive to a person’s life and, in some cases, may result in domestic violence. Therefore, it is best to seek treatment for alcohol addiction as quickly as possible in order to prevent or minimize the potential harm that might arise.

While the signs of alcohol addiction can be obvious to those who are sober, the afflicted might need help recognizing that they need help. Here are the signs to look out for.

1) Tolerance

Drinking large amounts of alcohol regularly will build up resistance towards its effects in the human body. Alcoholics will require increasingly larger amounts of alcohol in order to feel its effects – one of the solid signs of alcohol addiction.

2) Withdrawal Symptoms

At this stage, a person that does not drink alcohol for a period of time will experience withdrawal symptoms such as trembling, sweating, anxiety, irritability, fatigue, headaches and other symptoms. The more severe cases may include other more serious symptoms such as hallucinations.

3) Loss of Control Over Drinking

The afflicted will have lost control over the amount of alcohol they drink, even if they have consciously tried on their own to quit. Their dependence on alcohol at this point would have completely taken over their lives. Even though they know that it is causing them problems, they do not seem to be able to stop. Their waking hours revolve around getting a fix.

Fortunately, there is still hope. If they are able to see that they have a problem and that they need help to overcome it, there are alcohol addiction treatment programs available. In the city of Anaheim CA, Jacob’s Mission in Anaheim CA is an addiction treatment center that provides treatment for a wide range of addictions, including alcohol addiction. The system they use is entirely voluntary on the part of the afflicted – they may leave any time, though for obvious reasons, it is best for them to finish their program. For more information, you can drop by their website at https://jacobsmission.com/.

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