What the Chiropractor is Doing When Cracking your Neck

Posted by Daniel Lawrence on March, 2016

When our Chiropractic Clinic in North Ogden chiropractor is cracking your neck, no bones actually are being cracked. Instead, the cracking or popping sound is made as air is released from the cushioning substance between the vertebrae as the spinal column is twisted. The protective padding substance keeps the vertebrae from rubbing together and cracking.

Cervical spinal manipulation

Spinal manipulative therapy, cervical spinal manipulation, or spinal adjustments are a few of the medical terms utilized when referring to neck cracking as most lay people refer to it. As a chiropractor is conducting these treatments, he actually is adjusting sections of the spine to alleviate stress in the spinal column. The stress is alleviated as your spine becomes realigned.

Risks of twisting too aggressively

There will include different schools of thought on how hard an individual’s neck ought to be twisted to alleviate stress and align a spine. Severe damage like a stroke is believed to be a risk if the twisting which is part of the process is overly aggressive. The spinal cord and brain are interconnected; therefore, neurological damage to the body might result if your spinal column is seriously damaged.

Chiropractors are highly trained

Our Chiropractic Clinic in North Ogden area has chiropractors who are trained at understanding the whole spinal column as well as your neck and most probably wouldn’t want to use strong, harsh movements while cracking the neck. However, it’s an excellent idea to be alert to your chiropractor’s philosophy on this. For example, the NSA (Network Spinal Analysis) system includes one of the chiropractic care systems that is said to use subtle, gentle movements on a spine.

Reasons for spinal adjustments

Individuals might wish to have their spines adjusted for several reasons. Spinal misalignment simply may be caused by trauma or stress to the spine like from an accident. A few individuals merely suffer chronic back or neck pain and the pain might be caused by either not enough movement or too much movement in the affected region. Though cracking the neck is a typical reaction to sleeping within a position which led to spinal misalignment, a chiropractor really should be the one to conduct spinal adjustments in order to prevent damage to the body.

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