Why Homeowners Rely on Turf Farms for Lawn Care Service in McLean, VA

by | Nov 2, 2018 | Landscaping

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McLean, Virginia neighborhoods often include beautifully landscaped properties. While some homeowners put in the time and effort to create and maintain their landscaping, many of the best-kept yards are created by a turf farm that also offers Lawn Care Service in McLean VA. Customers rely on these specialists to provide and install high-quality sod. After sod is in place, the farm’s technicians will teach clients how to keep it healthy and beautiful.

Healthy Sod Creates Instant Lawns

Homeowners who are building new homes or just want to give their homes quick face lifts often add sod instead of seeding lawns. Sod is grown at turf farms that carefully nurture grass in ideal conditions. The most popular type of sod is tall fescue blend, a hearty combination of bluegrass and 3 fescues. Customers can order sod and pick it up or have professionals install it. Very high quality, certified sod takes root quickly but is perishable and needs proper care. That is why the best turf farms offer Lawn Care Service in McLean VA.

New Sod Needs Enough Water

With proper care, clients who have new sod installed can expect to see beautiful lawns in a very short time. Sod maintenance is critical and watering is the most important part. If homeowners miscalculate, their grass will quickly turn brown or even die, depending on the season. Turf installed in cooler seasons has an advantage. Fortunately, technicians who provide sod teach customers how to water their grass. Homeowners learn how to recognize the signs of water deprivation and how much watering is needed.

Experts Help Clients Maintain Sod

Homeowners who want complete information about lawn care also reach out to turf farms, often via sites like premierturffarms.com. Company websites include a “Click here” option that lets customers contact technicians. Turf farms are happy to answer customer questions. They also provide maintenance information on their websites. For example, Virginia clients can find links to lawn publications and resources provided by Virginia Tech.

Virginia homeowners who want beautiful properties often have sod professionally installed. The most popular and highest quality sod comes from turf farms. The farms also help clients learn to maintain their new sod.

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