Changing Fluorescent Light Bulb Holders

Posted by Timothy Harvard on November, 2018

Fluorescent lighting is a type of lighting that uses a chemical reaction to create light. They are one of the most popular types of lighting used in commercial businesses and are becoming more popular in many homes.

The reason they are becoming more popular in homes is that fluorescent light tubes do not produce as much heat as incandescent light bulbs. Fluorescent lights have a longer lifespan than incandescent bulbs, and they save on energy cost.

However, the fluorescent light bulb holder will wear out and will need to be replaced. It is not a difficult job, but you absolutely need to know which type of holder is required for the fluorescent light.

Before you can change the fluorescent light bulb holder, you need to know which type of light you have. Fluorescent lighting comes in three popular types: preheat, rapid start, and instant start. There are several other types, but these are the three most popular. The correct holder or socket must be used when repairing the light. A lamp using the incorrect fluorescent light bulb holder can cause damage to the lamp housing, the electrical box, and even to the home.

There are two different kinds of fluorescent light bulb holders or sockets: shunted and non-shunted.

Non-shunted sockets have two separate points of entry for the wires and are used with programmed-start ballasts. This creates two tracks for the electrical current to travel.

Shunted sockets connect two ends on a circuit with a conductor and are used with instant-start ballasts and use a single track for the electrical current. The electrical current to travels from the ballast through the socket to the lamp pins.

Knowing which replacement fluorescent light bulb holder to use is important. Before replacing the socket take proper safety precautions. Turn the power off at the breaker box and use a voltage meter to ensure the circuit is terminated.

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