Why are Storm Doors Important?

by | Feb 28, 2018 | Doors and Windows

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A storm door is a second exterior door, usually put in front of your house’s front door. From an outside perspective, this may seem rather silly. Why put a second layer of door over your front door, when the front door is typically the thickest door in the house? Well, there are many reasons, and many uses that storm doors have that make them an integral part of any house that needs them. So, if you’re wondering if you should invest in a storm door in Toronto ON, here are the main reasons that make storm doors a very important part of your house.

#1. Protections against bad weather
If you live in an area with harsh weather, but you want your front door to remain presentable, a storm door will keep the brunt of the rain, wind, and other elements off of your front door. Now when that bad storm hits, you don’t need to worry about your lovely wooden front door becoming swollen or warped from the onslaught of water. It also provides extra insulation, which can save you thousands in heating and cooling bills. By adding that extra layer to your door, it keeps warm air inside, and cold air outside.

#2. Increased ventilation in nice weather
When it’s a wonderful day outside, you want nothing more than to open the doors, and just take it all in. And then you get dozens of bugs infesting your home because you opened the door to the elements, and that’s what happens. However, storm doors make this exponentially easier. The second layer keeps bugs out of your house, while still letting all the air and sunlight from outside into your house. Now you can get that added ventilation and fresh sunlight, without having to worry about bugs, or dirt, or any other kind of harmful substance getting into your house.

#3. Added security
While not an instant replacement for home security systems, having another locked door, over the front door, which is also locked, can go a long way to keeping your house secure and safe. Especially if you live in a crime-heavy area, having that second layer of locked door over your house can add a lot of peace of mind.

Storm doors are an invaluable addition to your house, for those who live in areas with harsh weather. They add security, allow for more ventilation, and can keep the elements out when the weather gets bad. If this sounds like a good deal to you, then call Platinum Renovations, and have your storm door installed today.

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