What Should Commercial Property Inspectors Do For Fire Protection Services In NJ?

by | Jul 6, 2016 | Fire Protection

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Most commercial property inspectors take their job seriously. They know that it’s important to inspect everything and ensure that it works correctly. However, they may not be familiar with fire protection services and systems in NJ, and should always contact a professional to help in certain situations.


Commercial buildings should have extinguishers in the building. However, the number of extinguishers required and their location will depend on how many floors there are, how many employees are in them and other rules and regulations or from fire protection services companies in NJ. The property inspector will not check them for maintenance or to see if they work. A professional must do this and provide a tag that proves it was done and when.


Exit signs and emergency lights may also be required for your property. However, the property inspector won’t usually check to ensure they work, though they can determine that the exit signs are lit up at various times throughout the day. There may also be test buttons for emergency lighting that can be done by the property inspector. However, any maintenance and scheduled testing must be done by a professional.

Sprinkler Systems

In most cases, the state requires that a professional handle the testing of sprinklers and standpipes. Fire protection services in NJ are likely to cover maintenance and testing needs, so the commercial property inspector should not need to do so. However, they may provide monthly and quarterly testing.

Alarm Systems

Most property inspectors can test the smoke alarm by pressing the test button to ensure it works. However, maintenance and annual testing/inspections should be done by a licensed professional. The professional will include documentation about what was inspected, their current condition and what repairs should be or were made. Visit Newark Professional Fire Protection Corp.

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