Beef Up Your Tomato Crop

by | Jul 6, 2016 | Fertilizer Supplier

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There are so many types of tomato plants to choose from, it all depends on your available space and tomato preference. There are large bush varieties and compact patio dwelling dwarf tomato types. Tomato colors range from the classic red to orange, black, and even blue. No matter what type of tomato plant you are growing, they have growing requirements in common. Here are some basics of tomato plant care to ensure a beefy bumper crop.

Rich Fertilized Soil

A rich soil full of essential micronutrients is essential for vigorous tomato growth. For an optimum type of growth, do not let your soil become too high in nitrogen. The effect of too much nitrogen is a very leafy tomato plant with few to no fruits. It is important to use a fertilizer on your tomatoes that provides nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium in the right balance. The recommended optimum blend is eight parts nitrogen and sixteen parts each of phosphorous and potassium. The use of this type of fertilizer will give you big and juicy tomatoes and will prevent blossom-end rot and splitting.

Consistent Watering and Full Sun

Another important factor in tomato plant care is consistent watering. Allowing the plant to become too dry between periods of watering is the cause behind skin cracks on tomatoes. Tomatoes need at least eight hours of sun a day. The place in your yard with the most amount of sun is the right place to grow your tomatoes.

Full Service Care

Here are some additional tips for tomato plant care that will earn you improved quality and yields. Cutworms are a known foe of the tomato plant. To give your plants protection, wrap cardboard around the bottom of the tomato stem from an inch below the ground to an inch above. To ensure the most yield possible, stake or cage your tomato plants. Then you can enjoy your hard work at harvest time. For more information contact BGI at (561) 374-9216. You can connect with them on Facebook for more updates!

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