Seeking Waste Management Service in San Antonio TX?

Posted by Daniel lawrence on July, 2016

There’s no doubt about it: modern life gets messy. Specifically, it piles up mountains of trash and waste material which has to be removed and disposed of on a daily basis. Did you know that the average American throws away about four and a half pounds of garbage every day? It’s quite true. And that four and a half pounds per day ends up amounting to around two hundred twenty million tons of garbage which has to be disposed of in landfills every year. So it can be said that a big portion of life in America is about garbage and what to do with it.

Waste collection and removal has become a science in today’s world. That’s happened by necessity considering the sheer volume of material that has to be dealt with. And there’s not just trash disposal to be considered but recycling as well, which is becoming an increasingly important component of our economy and environmental control. A fully capable Waste Management Service in San Antonio TX offers a complete range of services to satisfy both imperatives for residential and commercial customers. There is of course regular pickup of trash for residential clients on a weekly basis in any given neighborhood.

Businesses, of course, require larger scale solutions for their own waste management. Providing dumpsters of various sizes from three to eight yard capacities with regular weekly pickup enables the commercial customer to be able to adequately dispose of the several hundred pounds of trash he or she piles up in the course of a week. The dumpsters can be kept open or provided with locks to keep the garbage secure until pickup day. And at regular intervals, the dumpster will be swapped with a fresh one while the old unit is taken back for thorough cleaning to keep it from becoming intolerable from a sanitary aspect.

Waste Management Service in San Antonio TX also involves recycling services as well. Separation bins for collecting glass, plastic, aluminum and paper material can be provided, with full pickup the same as for regular trash. Recyclables are then removed to a center for final separation and breakdown into useful material which can be turned back into various products.

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