What is DEF Fluid Made Out Of?

Posted by Daniel Lawrence on May, 2018

Diesel exhaust fluid, or DEF, is an operating fluid that is mainly associated with vehicles that run on diesel and contain SCR technology. Bluedef diesel exhaust fluid is placed in a specific tank on the vehicle and is known for being safe to use, easy to handle, and nonhazardous. However, there is some confusion over what DEF fluid is made of and how it is used. We want to clear that up now.

Diesel Exhaust Fluid Components

DEF is composed of only two substances. It is mostly de-mineralized water. However, a little over 32% of the fluid is comprised of synthetically manufactured urea. DEF is a clear and non-toxic liquid that must be produced to various standards. Any contamination can result in damage to vehicles. As such, ISO Standard 2241 and all of it is sub-standards are requirements related to how it is made, distributed and stored.

Using Diesel Exhaust Fluid

Bluedef diesel exhaust fluid, along with other forms of DEF, is introduced into a vehicle via a dedicated tank. This tank typically has a capacity of 13 gallons or higher and is capped with a blue lid. The fluid is moved from the reservoir into the exhaust pipe. The exhaust pipe is located near the SCR and the engine. When the DEF becomes heated, it is turned into carbon dioxide and ammonia. When the nitrous oxide from the exhaust reaches the catalyst and ammonia, the harmful substances are converted into water and nitrogen which are let off into the air as steam.

Selective Catalytic Reduction Component

An SCR is made up of a few different components, which we will list below:

  • The catalyst for the selective catalytic reduction component
  • Diesel exhaust fluid tank
  • Diesel exhaust fluid injection unit
  • Diesel exhaust fluid control unit

With so much importance placed on the DEF and the SCR, it is crucial that you use diesel exhaust fluid of a high-quality, such as Bluedef diesel exhaust fluid. A poor-quality urea solution or DEF can cause significant issues, including but not limited to damaging your SCR catalyst.

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