How to Protect Your Vehicle with Auto AC Repair in Wilkes Barre, PA

by | May 28, 2018 | Automotive

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Air conditioners provide cool air to the interior of your vehicle. While the operation of an AC system may appear simple, it is a complex combination of parts that work together to cool your car or truck. If you want to stay cool, you should know more about AC repair and maintenance.

Run Your Air Conditioner to Keep Everything Lubricated

The AC system in your car or truck may not require much use during the cooler months. However, allowing the air conditioner to go unused throughout the winter increases the chances that you will require auto AC repair.

Throughout the year, you should occasionally run the AC for a few minutes. This helps ensure that everything is still working and allows the various hoses and pumps to remain lubricated.

Check the Refrigerant Level While Servicing Your Vehicle

When you take your vehicle to a mechanic for routine servicing, a variety of components and parts are thoroughly inspected for signs of wear or damage. In some cases, standard servicing does not include the inspection of the AC refrigerant. To avoid auto AC repair, ensure that the mechanic inspects your AC system.

Schedule Yearly Air Conditioning System Maintenance

You should also take your vehicle in for yearly servicing and auto AC repair in Wilkes Barre, PA. Your mechanic will check the air vent temperature, the filter, the belts, and the overall operation of the AC system. Regular maintenance and repair help extend the life of your AC system and prevent the need for replacement.

T & F Tire Service & Supply Company, Inc. provides quality repairs for your AC system and other vehicle components. Schedule an inspection of your vehicle to keep everything working smoothly.

Maintenance and repairs are essential parts of owning a vehicle. If you want to get as many miles out of your car or truck as possible, you should remember to get it serviced at least once per year. If you notice any changes to the AC system, such as difficulty cooling the interior, take your vehicle in for an inspection. Like us on Facebook.

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