Fascinating Facts About Alberta’s Pipeline Companies

Posted by Daniel Lawrence on June, 2018

Today, many of us know what pipelines are and what they do. We are aware of how vital they have been to our society and how important they continue to be. We know that Alberta pipeline companies are some of the most prolifically productive in the entire world. But do we know where these companies got their start, and how pipelines came to be such an important fixture in our lives? Read on, to find out!

The History of North American Pipelines

The early 1800’s brought about an important change in the sourcing of oil for North American consumers. Until that point, most of the oil being used in North America was coming from Asia and the Middle East – sources that are still in use today. Because of the heavy reliance on oil at that time, it was of critical importance that American and Canadian governments found better access to sources of oil. Thus, in the mid-1800’s, Canadians sought out and found rich supplies of oil right in the Alberta area.

In the earliest days of local oil mining, transportation of these goods was crude and limited. Pipes, trenches and other aspects of transport were often made of wood or poor-quality metals and were inconsistent at best. These days, pipes are made in quality-controlled environments from top-quality steel and other materials designed to last for years as pipeline companies continue to serve communities all over North America.

Modern Techniques for Meeting an Age-Old Need

Today’s Alberta pipeline companies meet users’ needs by transporting large amounts of oil from their sources to the many who rely on it every day. With increases in efficiency, affordability, and ecological responsibility, these pipeline companies continue to improve the way we get and receive petroleum products – and are sure to keep doing so well into the future!

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