What Customers Need To Know About Custom Engraving In Oahu

by | Feb 8, 2018 | Office Products

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Engraving is an excellent way to personalize an object with a permanent design. Engraving a personal gift or award makes the object itself more meaningful and more valuable to the recipient. There are many different things that can be engraved and many options for messages and designs. The following are a few things to think about before ordering Custom Engraving in Oahu.

The Material

Many different materials can be engraved, including wood, stone, plastic, and almost every type of metal. Aluminum, steel, silver, and gold are among the most common metals for engraving. Even a delicate glass item can be engraved if the design is etched very lightly into the surface. Some engraving companies also work with softer materials, like leather and other textiles.

The Object

Almost any object with a hard surface can be engraved, with the most obvious examples being signs, tags, and nameplates. An engraved nameplate, for example, makes a wonderful gift for anyone who is starting a new job in a new office. But engraving isn’t limited to signs and plaques. Many people are engraving personal devices, like cameras and iPhones, in order to identify them. Most engravers also work on curved surfaces of all sizes, like a beer stein, a wedding band, or a pen.

The Message

Customers also have to think about what to engrave. Some common choices are names and dates, company names and logos, and personal messages of love or encouragement. Other ideas include engraving a funny or inspiring quote, a clip art image, or an achievement such as “Employee of the Year.” Some companies can also engrave a photo onto a wood or metal surface, which makes a wonderful commemoration of a person or an event.

The Design

Many customers prefer to create an original design, and most engraving companies are able to reproduce an original design with a computer-controlled laser engraver. Before placing an order, engraving customers should verify that the design they have in mind is appropriate for the engravable surface of the object. Many companies also offer design services.

A personally engraved item is truly a one-of-a-kind gift that the recipient will cherish forever. Browse our website to learn more about Custom Engraving in Oahu.

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