Occasions That Call for Custom Plaques in Honolulu

Posted by Daniel lawrence on October, 2016

There are times when some kind of special recognition is in order. One way to provide a tangible expression of that recognition is to come up with some different designs for Plaques in Honolulu. Here are a few examples of events that will be made a little better by designing one or more plaques for presentation to specific individuals.

Employee of the Month

One of the motivational strategies that employers use is recognizing employees who have in the last month made a contribution that is considered exceptional. That contribution may be in the form of landing a new customer who generates a great deal of business volume each month. Maybe an employee came up with an ideal to streamline a process and save the employer a lot of money. Perhaps someone took action that led to retaining a customer who was ready to accept an offer from the competition.

Whatever the reason behind the recognition, more than a handshake and good wishes are in order. Custom Plaques in Honolulu along with some type of celebration will ensure the employee feels appreciated. This approach will also improve morale in general since it demonstrates that the owner really does value the work done by employees.

Celebrating Years of Loyal Service

When an employee retires after being with the firm for several decades, good wishes as the individual leaves at the end of that last day are hardly sufficient. Choosing to celebrate those years of service with a dinner and some other token of appreciation is the right thing to do. A plaque to commemorate all those years provides a keepsake that the individual can cherish as this new phase of life gets underway.

There are plenty of other events that can be made better with the preparation of a customized plaque. Contact Rubber Stamp One Day Service Inc today and learn more about the different materials and designs that can be used in the creation of the ideal plaque. By providing some key information to the service, it’s possible to take a look at several different suggested designs, settle on the right elements, and have something that’s tasteful and attractive to present to the recipient.

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