Want to Study Architecture? Consider Masters Programs for Success

by | Mar 19, 2018 | Arts and Entertainment

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Masters programs are an excellent choice for those who want to further their education. Whether you’re hoping to get a good job afterward or already work in the architecture industry, you can learn more about the theories, techniques, and history of architectural design, which helps you develop experience and skills essential to practice professionally. You’ll also gain critical thinking skills that can help you invent and expand on the disciplines.

Your Options

Most schools offer a MArch (Master of Architecture) as a full, three-year degree. However, some universities also include accelerated Masters Programs for people who have a pre-professional bachelor’s degree, which only takes two years to complete. If you’re unsure of what you require, you can always talk to a school representative to find out which option fits your needs best.

You can also find an MFA version, as well.

What You Learn

With the MArch programs, you’ll learn through a variety of ways, including experimentation, hands-on inquiries, and exploration. The coursework will include project-based options, intellectual focuses, technical courses in structures and systems, as well as architectural technology. You’ll also have electives that are based on architectural theory and history to give you a well-rounded scope.

During the final year of your Masters in Architecture, you’ll complete a design thesis that will showcase what you have learned so far.

Along with such, you can also pursue a Certificate in Historic Preservation, which allows you to work with the state’s historic structures to learn more about them and why they work.

The MFA focuses more on fine arts, but also focuses on architectural features, as well.

Study architecture today and learn more about it and how to create buildings and more. Visit School of the Art Institute of Chicago at https://www.saic.edu to see all their Masters Programs.

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