What to Expect When Getting a New Roof

Posted by Daniel Lawrence on March, 2018

Whether you are having a roof replacement in Jacksonville, FL because you need it or because you want it, there is a lot to know about the process. In fact, as home maintenance experts warn, “The need to have a roof replaced is something property owners will most likely have to deal with at some point in time.” And having a bit of advanced knowledge about what to expect and how to get the best results is incredibly useful.

The first thing to expect when getting a new roof is that it requires a lot of advanced research and legwork. You should take the time to locate the best contractor, compare estimates and choose one that has the best local feedback in the Jacksonville, FL area. Be sure they are experienced, certified, licensed and offer warrantees. Then, expect:

  • Noise

One of the worst bits of advice that you might find on the Internet is that you can deal with the level of noise that is made when any sort of roof replacement is done. Rather, expect it to be even louder than you imagine. We strongly advise anyone having such an extensive project to be away from home during the working hours. If you have pets, it may be better to board them or remove them during the day as well, since the noise is quite disruptive and disturbing to most pets’ routines.

  • Dust

A good roof replacement crew, even the very best, cannot stop the sort of dirt and dust that removing and replacing a roof can cause. If you have carpeting, furniture and stuff (and let’s face it, who does not have such property), it is best to cover everything as much as possible. Investing in drop cloths (you can find room sized options in the big box home repair stores) is a simple and effective solution. Remove items hanging from the walls if they cannot be covered to prevent them from falling or becoming dusty.

  • Surprises

Most experts call them unforeseen roof repairs, and they are not unusual in any roof replacement. A good contractor may not discover such issues during an initial inspection but will ensure that all problems are addressed in an effective and affordable way.

At PrimeRoofingFL.com, roof replacement customers in the Jacksonville, FL area can count top notch work, and we strive to ensure you are aware of what to expect with a roof replacement while also offering a seamless, fast and “beginning to end” level of attention and service.

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