Questions Customers of HVAC Companies in Omaha, NE Should Not Hesitate to Ask

by | Apr 11, 2019 | Heating and Air Conditioning

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Customers of HVAC Companies in Omaha NE shouldn’t be shy about asking questions of the technicians when they come to provide annual maintenance. Household residents often have several questions in the realms of how to save energy, prevent breakdowns, and make the equipment last as long as possible.

Extending Lifespan of the Equipment

One question customers ask of HVAC Companies in Omaha NE is how long they can expect the furnace and central air to last. This depends on how often the equipment runs, but also on how well it is maintained. Customers who schedule maintenance and inspection of the equipment every year have done something proactive to prevent breakdowns and extend the life of the equipment.

The owners also should change the air filter according to the label’s specifications or whenever the filter starts to look noticeably dirty. A dirty filter should not be removed without one to replace it, however. The furnace and central air should never be operated without a filter in place, as that allows all the tiny debris brought in through return air registers to get into the moving parts of the appliance. Dirty components are more susceptible to overheating and malfunctioning.

Saving Energy

With all the misconceptions about whether or not to change the thermostat settings when leaving the house for the day or the weekend, it’s a good idea to consult a heating and cooling technician with this question. Changing the settings can, indeed, save energy and lower utility bills.

However, it’s important not to be too extreme about the temperature settings. Shutting off the central air altogether could result in the interior temperature reaching the high 80s or even hotter. That forces the unit to work a lot harder and longer to bring the temperature back down into the mid-70s.

Replacing the Furnace

If the furnace has needed emergency repair now and then over the past few years and it is more than 20 years old, the time may be approaching to replace it. Technicians with a company such as Accurate Heating & Cooling can discuss this situation with the customer. Information on this particular HVAC contractor is available at visit us website.

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