The Most Common HVAC Problems

by | Dec 5, 2015 | Business

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HVAC units are typically extremely reliable but sometimes mechanical problems do occur. While some of the issues are minor enough to fix on your own others are too severe, and you should call a professional. When a professional comes out to take a look at your HVAC unit, there are very specific areas of the unit that they will check to make sure they are functioning as they should.

Blown Fuses – One of the first things that the technician will check when he arrives are the fuses. The fuses help to keep the compressor from overheating. If the motor of your HVAC unit is going bad, then this is one of the first signs to look for.

Worn-Out Contractor – There are, a total of three contractors inside of an HVAC unit, one in the fan motor, one in the compressor, as well as a blower motor. They tend to engage when there is a specific need for heating and cooling. If the contractor is worn then, it can be difficult the electrical current to go through the motor so it can function properly.

Capacitor – The capacitor is what helps the motors of the HVAC unit to run at a proper speed. If this burns out then, it will have to be replaced immediately.
Filters – Filters get clogged very easily especially when they are used frequently. In order to see if needs to be changed is to hold it up to a light to see if the light is passing through it. If you cannot see the light then, it needs to be changed immediately. It can negatively impact you’re your HVAC unit functions.

Thermostat – This is the device that controls what the system actually does. It tells the unit what temperature to be at and when to start. It could be a simple problem like it is on the wrong setting or completely turned off.

Drain Lines – Another common problem with HVAC units is the drain lines becoming clogged with algae and dirt. When it becomes clogged, it will cause the water to leak out and cause severe water damage.

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