4 Myths About Bathroom Hand Dryers

by | Dec 7, 2015 | Home and Garden

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There is an ongoing debate regarding the pros and cons of using hand dryers. There is a lot of information and various reports with differing views. It may seem confusing and complicated. However, the best way of sorting through the clutter is to address the most common myths about bathroom hand dryers and to deal with the facts.

Myth 1 – Dryers Cost More Than Paper Towels

The upfront cost of a dryer is higher than a package of paper towels. However, that’s a one-time payment. Over the long run, paper towels cost more because they must be replaced on an ongoing basis. In addition, they are more prone to acts of vandalism. There is also the issue of towels clogging sinks and toilets, which adds to the maintenance costs. Bathroom hand dryers are as close to maintenance-free as you can get. These machines only require an annual cleaning.

Myth 2 – Dryers Don’t Dry Hands Well

The purpose of the dryers is to dry hands quickly and thoroughly. The newest dryers are a drastic improvement over earlier models. They can dry hands in 15 seconds or less. Among the latest offerings, there are machines that have adjustable nozzles. This feature ensures that the warm air is pointed directly on the hands, which does a more effective job of blowing away water droplets and evaporating residual water film.

Myth 3 – Dryers Spread Bacteria to Hands

There’s a belief that the dryers are a breeding ground for bacteria. As a result, the warm air flowing from the devices blows germs onto clean hands. The fact is the air from bathroom hand dryers is no different than the air we breathe. In addition, most of these models have a built-in antibacterial feature that prevents bacteria, mildew, mold and fungi from festering inside the dryers. Finally, the US Surgeon General has never issued a statement identifying dryers as a health risk.

Myth 4 – Paper Towels are More Eco-Friendly

Even though paper towels don’t use electricity, the impact on the environment is felt in other ways. The manufacturing of towels requires tons of water, oil, and trees. The waste from the production and fabrication process pollutes the air and water supply. On the other hand, the new bathroom hand dryers use minimal electricity. In fact, the faster drying speeds are more energy efficient. In addition, models with motion sensors reduce overuse, which keeps energy costs low.

Bathroom hand dryers offer many benefits for commercial buildings and facilities. When you install bathroom hand dryers, you are providing patrons a clean, hygienic environment that also saves you money over time. Click here to get the quality hand dryers from best manufacturer.

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