The Holistic Approach To Addiction In A Rehab Center

by | Apr 6, 2015 | Health and Medical

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Holistic is a term that has gained in popularity in any number of fields. In medicine it is used to refer to an approach that embraces the concept that an individual is comprised of many parts that extend beyond the obvious physical ones to include the spiritual and emotional entity. While many medical professionals continue to ignore its application, this is not necessarily true of all facilities – including many a rehab center. In Thousand Oaks, such centers have adopted the approach as a means of providing addicted clients with a means of recovering their lives.

What Is Holistic?

Holistic treatment is an approach that takes into account the complete person. It involves the medical professional taking into account all the various aspects that make up the individual. In doing so, it employs a philosophy or approach that believes:

* A patient is a person and not merely a disease or health problem
* The patient is able to help in the healing process
* Healing requires an entire team effort – not just the doctor or the patient but any method that may restore balance in life
* Treatment is not simply addressing the symptoms of the medical problem and fixing it. It involves uncovering the root cause of the condition and restoring balance

Common Holistic Treatments Employed in a Rehab Center

When a practitioner applies a holistic approach, he or she does not restricted treatments to conventional medical theories or practices. It can and should involve alternative methods. Overall holistic approaches in a rehab center in Thousand Oaks besides conventional medical treatments, can include such things as lifestyle changes, alternative therapies, and spirituality.

Lifestyle changes

This includes looking at such things as exercise, diet and nutrition, psychotherapy and inter and intra-relationships. Diet and exercise have all proven to help with addiction issues by providing the body with the energy, mental balance and sense of wellbeing that results in successful recovery. Exercise can be the traditional types of running and high impact work-outs. It can also be alternative forms including Yoga and Qigong. The latter is a traditional Chinese health practice. Like Yoga, it involves more than physical exercise. It requires purposeful meditation, being conscious of the breath and visualization. Other similar options include Tai Chi.

Spirituality is also a component of the diverse forms of holistic approaches. For some, the road to recovery will involve discovering their innate self. Yoga and Qigong are a means of self-reflection and a journey into the inner and deeper self. More traditional soul searching and prayers may also be part of reforming the lifestyle that brought the client to the rehab center in Thousand Oaks.

Complementary and Alternative Therapies and Treatments

These draw on any number of traditions. These are used to help more than just the physical heal. At a rehab center in Thousand Oaks, you may find any of the following being employed to help with addiction recovery:

* Acupuncture
* Chiropractic therapy
* Massage
* Naturopathy

Why a Holistic Approach

In a rehab center, an individualized approach addresses various needs. A holistic methodology allows for a full range of potential treatments. It is flexible and can prove to be most effective. Holistic approaches to those who find themselves in a rehab center in Thousand Oaks can benefit from the initial entry on through the stages of alcohol and drug recovery. By integrating the body, mind and soul, an addictive personality can find their way out through the maze of addiction and firmly place their feet on the road of recovery.

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