The advantages of nylon carpeting

Posted by Phineas Gray on April, 2015

Of all the options available for Glendale AZ carpeting perhaps nylon is the best all-round choice for the average home. Nylon has long been known for its durability; this makes nylon carpet useful for any room in the house; it can even be installed outdoors in some environments. Following are a few of the many benefits of nylon carpeting along with a number of examples of where it can be used to best advantage.

The primary advantage of nylon carpeting is its durability, the ability of the material to stand up to a great deal of wear and tear. This feature in itself makes this kind of carpet ideal in homes and commercial installations where there is a great deal of foot traffic. In the home the central hallway is a perfect example, although the amount of traffic may not be a lot more than anywhere else the fact that it is concentrated is one of the reasons why a wear pattern will appear on other types of carpet. Anywhere in the home where people tend to congregate; dens, family rooms, and recreation rooms are served well by nylon carpet. Because nylon carpet pile holds its shape longer than other Glendale AZ carpeting it continues to look as good as the day it was installed for many years.

Nylon carpeting is also a cinch to clean; this is of particular benefit if it is installed where there is the possibility of spilling food and drink. The fact that this material can resist stains makes it ideal for the dining room and kitchen.

In the past homeowners complained that nylon carpeting tended to fade, this is no longer the case. The dyes that are used today are applied to the fibers prior to them being woven, in the past the nylon fibers were woven and the finished carpet was then dyed. This old technique resulted in only marginal tinting of the surface fibers; today the fibers are completely tinted. A nylon carpet can be installed in an area subjected to bright sun and it will last for years without any evidence of fading.

A nylon carpet can be used in places where other material such as wool would be totally unsuitable. Nylon carpet can be used outdoors; this makes it an ideal cover for a deck or around a swimming pool. When used in the home nylon carpet can stand up to the rigors of bathroom use where there is a great deal of moisture.