How to choose the best boarding kennels

by | Apr 8, 2015 | Pets

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When you need to go out of town, you can ask a friend to watch your dog but you won’t know for sure whether or not your pet is okay. Even though your friend may have good intentions, if they can’t be there around the clock, there is no telling what could happen to your pet. This is why it is helpful to explore the option of boarding kennels. Boarding kennels allow you to give your pet the care they need at all times even when you are unable to be there.

Activity time

A pet without enough room to move around is not a happy pet. When selecting boarding kennels, be sure to choose a facility that provides your pet with plenty of time and space to get the exercise they need. The pet boarding center should have a designated time to give your pets the complete pet care they need in a safe and secure environment. This means that smaller breeds should be exercised together and larger breeds should have their own activity time.

Full and regular meals

In addition to comfortable boarding kennels and plenty of exercise, your pet needs to eat. In most cases, the pet boarding center will provide you with information about what types of food they have on hand. You can then choose whether or not to supply your own food so that your pet can continue with their normal diet. Large meals provided regularly throughout the day will ensure that your pet has the energy they need to enjoy the activities available to them.

Pet grooming

Depending on how long you need to be away, your pet may need pet grooming services. When you care for your pet at home, you can regularly brush them and trim their nails as needed. However while they are in the boarding kennels, the pet care provider will be responsible or caring for them in this way. While you are searching for the perfect pet boarding center, make sure to ask whether or not they provide grooming services for your pet.

Even though it can be hard to leave your pet, when you need to go out of town you can place them in boarding kennels for quality care around the clock.

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