The Benefits of Using Heating Oil in Clinton, CT

Posted by alex on June, 2014

When living in the Eastern states, one is going to experience all four seasons, with winter being the longest. During cold eastern winters, it is important to know that one has a reliable heating source for their home. One source that has been popular for decades and is extremely reliable is oil heating. It can be less expensive than other options, and it provides plenty of heat when it is really needed. One is going to get a lot more heat from an oil furnace than if they are using electric heat. This is because oil burns a lot hotter, and it warms homes faster than electricity can.

At one time, oil heat was considered a dirty source of heat, because it did not burn clean. This is a thing of the past. Those who use heating oil in Clinton, CT find that they have no sooty residue from the oil that they use in their furnaces. Back in the day, puffs of soot would come out of heating systems. Today, there are elements in place to greatly reduce this problem, making oil heating cleaner and healthier to use than ever.

One of the biggest advantages to using oil heat is that the oil is extremely portable. If someone needs oil in the middle of the night, it can easily be delivered. No one ever has to be cold for long when they have an oil burning furnace. It is delivered to homes via tank trucks, and pumped into oil tanks through hoses attached to the trucks. There is no fire hazard if oil is spilled, and it is safer than other home heating alternatives.

Home heating costs are rising all the time, and homeowners are looking for the most economical ways to ensure plenty of heat in the winter. Those who use Heating Oil in Clinton find that their home heating bills are as much as 5% lower than those who use electric heating systems in their homes. They can set up regular oil deliveries, and always know exactly how much they will have to pay. To learn more about residential oil deliveries, contact East River Energy.

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