Heating Oil Prices in Norwich CT Are Only Part of the Equation When Choosing a Heat system

In some northeastern areas of the United States, natural gas for heating is still not available even in municipalities. People who need to decide on a heating system may consider the differences among heating oil, liquid propane and electric baseboard heat. Electric heat is the most expensive, and tends to be cost-prohibitive for people living in this chilly part of the country. If they choose propane or oil, they’ll need to monitor propane or Heating Oil Prices in Norwich CT if they plan to call for delivery as needed. Liquid propane gas is a common choice in rural regions of the nation that do not have access to natural gas pipelines, so property owners may wonder why heating oil still has such a strong customer base in New England.

As of late 2015, nearly 44 percent of Connecticut homes were kept warm with heating oil. Even when utilities finally install natural gas pipelines, many homeowners still do not convert to this fuel. First, there’s the cost of getting a different kind of furnace, since natural gas is not interchangeable with heating oil the way it is to a certain extent with propane. In other words, a propane furnace can be converted to a natural gas furnace. This isn’t the entire explanation for the continued popularity of oil heat, however, since many homeowners continue to choose it for new houses.

People who watch Heating Oil Prices in Norwich CT for fluctuations and increases may compare it with the price of natural gas before they decide. Sometimes oil costs more, but this varies throughout the year and across multiple years. There are other factors in the decision-making process, however. Some individuals don’t want to support an enormous utility company and would rather do business with a family-owned enterprise such as Andersen Oil Company. New Englanders pride themselves on being an independent bunch, and they feel that choosing fuel oil brings them more control over their heating situation. They can lock in a price by paying for the season’s oil ahead of time, for example. Property owners who need to choose a heat source may click here for more info on this particular organization.