Paying for Heating Oil in Madison

Posted by Daniel Lawrence on August, 2018

Prices for heating oil fluctuate constantly throughout the winter. With winters getting colder, longer, and unpredictable, families with average incomes often struggle to cover the costs each winter. Most companies make paying for heating oil in Madison easier by offering payment plans. A typical budget plan allows customers to select the number of gallons they anticipate needing and make twelve equal payments throughout the year.


There is a fuel bill each month, but the benefit is payments are predictable. They can fit nicely into the family budget. Savings per gallon are as high as five cents. That does not sound like much but adds up quickly when ordering hundreds of gallons. Another benefit is the peace of mind knowing heating oil will be delivered at regular intervals all winter without interruption.

Multiple Payment Plans

Some customers who require heating oil in Madison have the opportunity to select among four flexible payment plans. One company with thirty-five years of experience, East River Energy, offers two budget plans and two plans for those who wish to pay in lump sums to accommodate as many customers as possible. The price of the day plan allows customers to take advantage of dips in prices. They order gallons and pay for them all at once on that same day.

The prepaid plan consists of one payment for all gallons needed for the winter. The total number of gallons is based on the amount required for the previous year. A price per gallon is quoted, and customers pay that price. This eliminates paying higher prices later in the season if the market price rises.

Budget Plans

The costs of both plans are divided into twelve equal payments. The budget cap plan establishes the price per gallon before the winter begins. Customers select the number of gallons desired, and the monthly payments are determined.

The price of the day budget plan fluctuates with the current market price at the time gallons are ordered. Customers are usually asked to choose one of the plans and sign an agreement in July or August. This allows the company to make sure they have the number of gallons stored to honor those agreements. Click here to know more.

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