Terrazzo Polishing – The Most Effective Way To Retain The Beauty Of Your Terrazzo Surface

Posted by Phineas Gray on November, 2014

There is a lot of information on the web about Terrazzo polishing and maintenance. In many ways, this material is considered a very low-maintenance type of flooring. It has been used for literally thousands of years and in many historical buildings where you can see Terrazzo flooring that is literally gleaming with rich colors after hundreds of years of wear and tear.

Basics to Consider

However, to keep your flooring looking beautiful, Terrazzo polishing will be needed routinely. There are home options available for the polishing process, but it is essential to understand these will not provide the same quality of polish as professional services.

It is also essential to keep in mind that many of the new designs and styles of Terrazzo are not poured but are installed in thin sheets. These sheets, which are often only ¼ of an inch thick, are naturally resistant to staining and damage, and they should only be polished using equipment that is designed to only buff the surface to a gleaming shine.

Regular Cleaning and Maintenance

With traditional poured or mosaic types of flooring, Terrazzo polishing is typically completed annually or semi-annually. For low traffic areas, you may only need to dry mop to remove dust and then wash with warm water or use a neutral pH cleaner. Once a year, use a recommended degreaser to clean the area, but do not use soap, floor cleaners, dusting sprays, or any type of acidic cleaning products, as these can leave a film on the floor that leaves it looking dull or streaky.

Polishing Only as Needed

It is important to only use a Terrazzo polishing product that is recommended by your installer or the manufacturer of your flooring. If you aren’t sure, contact a Terrazzo installer, and he or she can often recommend the best product.

Usually, polishes are applied over the entire surface and allowed to dry. Then, a buffing machine is used to finish the Terrazzo polishing process. Small scratches and wear areas on the surface can also be treated individually using the recommended procedure based on the filler use and the aggregate material in your flooring.

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