Tips for Finding a Great Keynote Speaker

by | Nov 12, 2014 | Education

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Choosing the right keynote speaker is a crucial element for any meeting, conference or other type of corporate event. There is no question that the selection process can be quite challenging, since there are speakers available at virtually every price point and for every specialty topic. However, with a few tips you will be able to find the right speaker for your needs, no matter if you need a professional, no-nonsense feel, or Keynote Laughter Speakers.

Determine the Needs of Your Audience

Gaining a thorough knowledge of your groups needs is essential for finding the right professional speaker. Is the meeting or conference you are hosting require that your audience is able to leave with technical information? Or do you need something else, such as a conference speaker, business speaker, keynote speaker, leadership speaker or motivational speaker? Do you want a speaker for after dinner, or one that delivers an inspirational, yet humorous, message?

Determine Your Budget, Time and Date

Begin searching for your keynote speaker as soon as you know the date for your meeting. Determine the amount of time that you will have to fill and what time you will want the speaker to go on. If you have a flexible timeslot, then a professional speaker should be able to let you know how long they need. Professional speakers will also be able to provide you with recommendations regarding the order of the topics or speakers, if you plan to have more than one. You should also factor in the amount of money you will pay for the speaker that you want. In many cases, your hunt for a speaker will be able to be narrowed down significantly due to the budget you have.

Determine the Type of Professional Speaker Your Audience will Respond To

While a certain speaker’s expertise may be a draw, a well-known name will not guarantee a presentation that is professional. Additionally, a high price will not always equate to high quality. You have to consider what your audience will benefit from most: a professional speaker on the topic; a sports personality; expert in the particular field; or a celebrity.

The fact is that your speaker will likely have a huge impact on the success or the failure of your event. Choose carefully with the tips highlighted here to be sure that you find the right person for the job.

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