Punch Cigars: What You Should Know

Originating in 19th century Cuba, Punch cigars are produced by Cuban-based Habanas S.A. and the General Cigar Company based in Honduras. The Punch brand first entered the cigar scene in 1840 and was owned by a German named Stockmann. The brand switched ownership several times, finally finding a home with Dan Blumenthal and Frank Llaneza with the Villazon & Co.

The Punch brand not only manufactures cigars, but also has two machine-made cigarillos on the market as well as an Edicion Regional series of cigars produced by Habanas S.A. in Cuba. The Honduran-based cigar that debuted in 1969 is still being made today.

The Quality of Punch Cigars

These Cuban-style cigars offer both casual and seasoned smokers, a smooth and silky flavor and texture to enjoy. Enclosed in an oily wrapper, these cigars are made with only select tobaccos (Cuban-seed tobaccos grown in Honduras, Nicaragua, and the Dominican Republic) that give off a sweet, spicy, and earthy aroma. The medium-bodied Punch brand offers a superb after-dinner option when it comes to cigars.

Ranging from less intense to a full-bodies cigar, the Punch brand has the following lines of cigars to offer cigar smokers:

1. Original Punch: a famous brand of cigar that boasts a full-bodied, robust flavor and scent.
2. Punch Rare Corojo: this robust, full-bodied cigar is the most popular of the Punch line of cigars. It ages well. If you age it for another one or two years, it peaks to a new level.
3. Punch Grand Cru: as a medium-bodied cigar, this line uses only vintage tobacco and is wrapped in a Connecticut Shade wrapper. With a 3 to 5 year aging process there is a balance of flavors.
4. Punch Deluxe: as an extension of the original Punch cigar, it’s finish is heavier and stronger.

Reviews on Punch Cigars

Want to know what people think about these cigars? Here are some customer reviews from our website:

1. “Smoked after dinner the Punch Elite always provides a smooth pleasant conclusion to a meal no matter what it was.”

2. “If you want an excellent flavor cigar in a less than 45 min smoke….then be a Champion and grab a box of these tasty treats. Both the regular and gran puro smoke great from end to end!”

3. “My introduction to punch. Quite enjoyable little smokes. They have a little punch to them but are delightfully creamy and delicious. Not harsh at all.”