Stop Aging in its Tracks

by | Oct 9, 2014 | Health and Medical

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One thing is for certain. As people get older, the signs of aging will begin to appear as fine lines and wrinkles. Just how many wrinkles you get is dependent on several factors including your genes, hormones and exposure to environmental elements. Luckily, extensive research in the field of anti-aging skin care treatment has yielded multiple creams and medications that can be used to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. They can even prevent them from re-forming, giving you smooth and younger-looking skin. What are these medications and how do they work?

The most popular prescription anti-aging skin care treatments are products including retinoids. A derivative of Vitamin A, retinoids work by encouraging old skin cells to die, therefore clearing the way for new healthy skin cells to take their place. They also decrease the breakdown of essential collagen, which is a substance that gives the skin its elasticity and firmness. As people age, the collagen deteriorates, and the skin begins to sag and form wrinkles. Retinoids prompt the formation of collagen and help the skin to supple and firm.

Retinoids were originally prescribed as an acne medication as they reduce the number of pimples on the skin. They quickly became popular for reversing the signs of sun damage, and for their anti-aging properties. This Vitamin A derivative is also known for erasing brown spots on the surface of the skin. Age spots occur as pigmentation deposits in the skin and become blotchy. Retinoids slough off the cells containing improper pigmentation, and create a more even looking skin tone.

Anti-aging skin care treatments are also available in non-prescription strengths, although they are not nearly as potent as their prescription counterparts. Choose your over-the-counter creams carefully in order to ensure they have retinol listed as one of the top five ingredients. If it is listed any lower, then the cream does not have enough of the ingredient for it to be considered effective. You can ask your pharmacist or dermatologist for their recommendations as well.

When using retinoids, be sure to apply a small amount to the affected area in the evening before bed. If you apply too much, you may notice a reddening or burning of the skin. In this case, switch to using it every other night. Also, avoid direct sunlight exposure when using the cream as retinoid will make your skin highly sensitive to the sun and increase the potential for burning.

Thanks to retinoids, anti-aging skin care treatment can be obtained from your dermatologist and pharmacist. They are easy to use at home and show marked improvement in the appearance and integrity of your skin.

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