Everything You Need to Know About Wedding Invitations

The wedding invitations are an essential part of the pre-wedding process. In order for guests to attend your wedding, they have to know when it is and where it will be held. Sure you can inform them via text or email. However, this is not nearly as formal as official Hindu wedding invitation cards. A paper invite also helps people have a physical piece of paper to remind them of them of the upcoming nuptials. Since wedding invites play such a crucial role in the festivities, the following information will help you.

When you are sending out invitations, it is important to plan for adequate time before the wedding begins. Typically most people allow for six weeks. Some people even send save the date cards before sending out Hindu wedding invitation cards. If you don’t send them soon enough, you might not give your guests enough time to travel to the wedding. Also, people’s schedules may fill up. They need time to save the date so they can attend your wedding.

The details you include on your wedding invite are particularly important. Remember, you are getting married, not throwing a party. Therefore, it is important that the invitations convey that this is a wedding. Make sure you include the names of the bride and the groom. Also, include the date, time, and location for the wedding. You can include other details about the wedding if you want. Some people like to include the dress code for their wedding. Others specify where they are registered.

Another factor to consider when you are designing the wedding invites is how many pieces of paper you plan on including. Some people include one, while others have several. You can have inserts that ask people to RSVP. You can include an insert with the details for the dinner. It is also fun to include a picture of the bride and groom. Each of these additional pieces should probably to match the design of your main Hindu wedding invitation cards.

Finally, make sure that your invites coordinate with the theme and/or colors of your wedding. If you are having a formal, black tie wedding, then it might not make sense to have a turquoise invitation. However, if your wedding is on the beach, then a turquoise invitation will probably be fitting.

With these simple suggestions, designing the right wedding invite should be easy. Good luck!

Hindu wedding invitation cards are one of the most important parts of the pre-wedding process. If you are getting married, make sure to design Hindu wedding invitation cards from Regal Cards that match your wedding and have all the details your guests need so they can attend your wedding.