A Few of the Advantages Drain Cleaning Presents

by | Oct 9, 2014 | Plumbing

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Most homeowners do not recognize the significance of drain cleaning until plumbing issues occur. Regular cleaning of your drains is a vital component of sustaining your plumbing system. Whether you have a backed up drain, or it is running slowly, it affects your life quality.

You can frequently enjoy improved performance and fewer emergencies by being proactive concerning cleaning and servicing your drains among other plumbing fixtures. Regular plumbing is a vital aspect of maintaining your property value and usability of your business or residential space.

Therefore, engage proficient plumbing companies such as Apex Plumbing to maintain and fix pipes, sewage systems, and fixtures.

Benefits of Cleaning Drains Professionally

Professional services can save you money and time. Although you may consider fixing blocked pipes yourself, excessive chemical use can damage your pipes. Trying to detach pipes and plumbing fixtures could also cause considerable pipe damage, resulting in costly property damage.

A proficient plumber is knowledgeable in the techniques and steps necessary to ensure pipes are clear without causing further damage. Licensed plumbers can also access costly equipment for tackling blocked drainage.

Another benefit of engaging professional services is the reduced likelihood of plumbing emergencies. A professional is also likely to spot other plumbing problems that may be affecting your drainage and water use.

Tools for Cleaning Drains

With the appropriate techniques and tools, you can unblock drains without requiring professional assistance. These tools include a plunger, which clears blockages from most fixtures including toilets and sinks.

Use a plumber’s snake or cable auger to dislodge clogs that are farther down your drainpipe. Cable augers are accessible in lengths up to 100 feet although a 25-foot model will do for most household clogs.

You could rent an electric auger for a very huge clog. This machine is extremely efficient at cutting through nearly any clog. Ensure the rental agent demonstrates how to retrieve and dispense the cable safely.


Clogged drains can pose a serious problem. Nevertheless, there are numerous methods for drain cleaning. These methods include the use of chemical cleaners. Although chemicals can be every efficient on some clogs, they could also damage older pipes.

The three kinds of chemical cleaners are caustic, oxidizing, and acid cleaners. You should use chemical cleaners sparingly and with extreme caution. It is also important to follow label instructions and wear gloves while working.

Another method for cleaning drains is mechanical. Perhaps the most efficient method of clearing clogged drains involves eliminating the obstruction or material that is causing the blockage physically. A professional technician might also use high-pressure hydro-jetting.

At times, blocked pipes do not arise from simple blockage. Therefore, it is essential you use a professional company to avoid greater problems.

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