Recovering from Flood Damage in Brooklyn

by | Jul 13, 2015 | Business

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Issues with the household plumbing can cause a lot of damage to the home.  If the water heater breaks down, the chances of the basement being flooded are quite high.  When situations of this type arise, it pays to know there are professionals who know how to deal with Flood Damage in Brooklyn.  Here are some examples of what they can do to make things right again.

Draining the Flooded Area

One of the first matters to deal with is draining the space of any excess water.  The goal is to remove the water so that space can be dried thoroughly.  This is important, since mold and mildew have a better chance of developing as long as space is moist.  Once the water is out of the way, the team can get to work using different methods to dry surfaces and assess the extent of the damage.

Removing What Cannot Be Salvaged

Depending on the extent of the Flood Damage in Brooklyn, it may not be possible to save everything.  For example, carpeting and padding could be in such poor condition that attempting to dry and re-install them is a waste of time.  Paneling and sheet rock may also have to be ripped out as part of the restoration effort.  A contractor can look closely at every feature of the affected space and provide advice on what can be salvaged and what must be replaced.

Completing the Restoration

After decisions are made about what can stay and what has to go, the work of restoring the area will commence.  Depending on the size of space and the amount of damaged cause, it could take anywhere from a few days to several weeks before the project is complete.  In the interim, the homeowner can be working with the insurance to file a claim and secure the funds needed to cover the costs of the restoration.

When flood damage occurs for any reason, visit  and arrange for an inspection.  A professional from Maspeth Environmental Corp NYC will go over the area carefully and come up with a specific plan of action.  After a short time, the entire episode will become nothing but a memory.

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