There Are Different Social Security Benefits

Posted by Alex on July, 2015

Citizens and eligible residents of the United States are very fortunate to have a federal program known as Social Security, the program deals with OASDI (Old age, survivors and disability insurance); the largest component by far is benefits that are paid once a person reaches retirement age. As well as providing a monthly benefit to the retired individual it also pays a benefit to those who are physically or mentally disabled who cannot work but have not reached age 65 as well as survivors or deceased workers and dependants.

While working in the United States the Social Security Administration keeps a tab on workers earnings, the retirement benefit depends on this record as well as the age at which the worker elects to retire and claim benefits. The retirement benefit that the applicant can expect is based on the primary insurance amount; this is the average of the earnings the applicant made over his or her best 35 years of income. The primary insurance amount is calculated, a percentage is applied, the result is indexed for inflation and the result is the amount of money the worker can expect to receive. This amount may increase in accordance with the federal government inflation index but never be reduced. The earliest that anyone can retire and claim benefits is 62.

The other primary recipient is one who receives SSI disability in Mississippi. If a person cannot work because they suffer from a physical or mental disability which is perceived to be long lasting or terminal they are eligible for SSI disability. As it can take many months to go through the application process and then file appeals in the likely event the application is denied it is always best to make application as soon as possible.

Should a worker die his surviving family might also be eligible for Social Security benefits, these benefits are known as “survivor benefits.” Anyone who can prove they depended on the deceased for at least half their support can claim; this includes not only the spouse but the children and even the workers parents.

People, including youngsters that have little or no source of income and have few assets can also claim a form of SSI disability in Mississippi through a program known as SSI, Supplemental Security Income. The amount of Supplemental Security Income paid as a benefit is much smaller than SSDI as it is not funded by FICA payroll taxes but comes from the federal government general fund.

If you suffer a physical or mental disability, have not reached retirement age and cannot work you can benefit from SSI disability in Mississippi. For details on Social Security disability you are invited to discuss your case with the Davis-Morris Law Firm.

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