Possible Defenses for Foreclosure That May Help Save Your Home

by | Dec 19, 2017 | Lawyers

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In recent years, many Americans have found it difficult to keep up with their mortgage payments, as well as other loan payments they are responsible for. If you ever find that you are facing foreclosure, and want to fight back to help ensure you can remain in your home, then you should contact a Downers Grove foreclosure defense lawyer for assistance.

Some of the possible defenses that you and your attorney can use to avoid foreclosure can be found here.

Failure to Follow State Procedures

In some situations, the foreclosing party, the lender or bank, doesn’t properly follow the foreclosure procedures in the state. In these situations, your Downers Grove foreclosure defense lawyer may be able to help you challenge the foreclosure. If your bid is successful, then the court will order that the foreclosure party does the entire process again to enforce the foreclosure.

Unjust Lending Practices

There is also the option to file a claim against the foreclosing party if they failed to provide accurate or complete information, deceived you in any way or acted unfairly. According to the Truth in Lending Act, lenders are required to disclose any payment schedule, the annual percentage rate and any other pertinent information related to the mortgage. If this information is not provided, then the borrower is going to have the right to challenge the entire foreclosure proceeding.

If you are facing foreclosure, but want to challenge it, the best thing you can do is hire a Downers Grove foreclosure defense lawyer. They can help with your unique situation and ensure you get the results you deserve.

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