3 tips for Great Fine Art Framing

Posted by Daniel Lawrence on December, 2017

Do you want to create a polished finish for your online gallery or do you want to frame your fine art to keep it safe and enhance it? Do you have any idea of how you will be able to frame your art in a way that will complement it without overwhelming it? Fine art framing in Los Angeles is best left to professionals, to ensure you get quality work with framing that is perfect for your precious artwork. Below are three tips that will help you find great fine art frames.

1. Match the Mat Style and Frame to the Piece

It is important that you recognize that your image composition will always expand to include both the mat and frame whenever you are looking at framing. This will help in transforming the mood your artwork evokes. You need to look for a frame and a mat that matches the style of the artwork.

2. Go for Complementary Colors

Before you pick a frame and a mat, it is advisable that you first identify the three dominant colors in your artwork. You should avoid choosing a mat that only matches the primary color. The frame color should complement the fine art.

3. Consider Using More than One Frame

There are images that use double or triple mats to help add depth. Have you ever thought of adding several frames to help add drama to your artwork? There are numerous options available. The best thing to do is to seek advice from your professional framer. They will have plenty of ideas that will be perfect for your artwork.

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