A Few Tips for Surviving a Kitchen Remodel in Atlanta

Posted by Daniel Lawrence on December, 2017

A kitchen remodel in Atlanta area can be exciting but beyond intrusive at the same time. Think about it. While your kitchen is being turned from drab to dreamy, you really have no place to go in and prepare your meals or enjoy them with your family. While it may be intrusive, the end results are something you will love. So, read on below for a few tips for surviving the remodeling that is going on in your kitchen.

Make a Temporary Kitchen

One of the biggest things to do is not pack away your toaster, coffee pot, crock pot, microwave, and tea kettle. It’s also a good idea to move your old fridge to another room in your home so that you can still keep things you need. Create a temporary kitchen and then use a lot of canned goods and portable cooking supplies to do your cooking until the kitchen remodel in Atlanta is complete.

Make a Designated Play Area

The last thing your contractor needs is for your kids to be underfoot when the crew is trying to remodel your kitchen. Make sure to put something up to block your kids from the kitchen and create a designated play area for them. Not only will it distract the workers doing your remodel for your kids to be running in and out, it is a danger to the children as well. Tools can be dangerous, and a remodel zone is no place for a child to be playing.

These are just a couple of the top tips for surviving your kitchen remodel in Atlanta. For more information, contact the professionals at Cabinet Transformations Kitchen and Bath for an estimate and to start the remodel for your new dream kitchen.