Plumbing Repair For Grease Traps

by | Apr 11, 2016 | Plumbing

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A grease trap itself is a plumbing device. It works to collect grease and oil before it has the chance to make its way into the disposal system. It is typically used in kitchens, especially in restaurants where lots of greases is found every day. Plumbing Repair is often needed for these traps because of the excess amount of grease that can build up within them.


Sometimes, the damage is too extensive. This means a full replacement is needed for the trap, rather than a simple repair. Grease traps can crack and otherwise become damaged due to excessive use. Replacement will allow the system to start as new without any grease yet present to cause issues.

Repair Elbow Fittings or Collapse Flow Dividers

Grease traps contain elbow fittings and collapse flow dividers. Both of these components can become cracked or damaged during use. Each of these items is easy to repair and can be fixed, so the trap is returned to regular working order.


One simple repair for a grease trap that isn’t working correctly is simply unclogging it. The grease can quickly build up and cause a clog if it is not cleaned out regularly. These traps should be cleaned out at least once or twice a week, so they remain in working order. If they are not, the grease can build up and cause problems. Unclogging it takes some time, but it will eventually be cleared out and able to use again.

Routine Inspection

Rather than waiting for repairs, it is often ideal for restaurants to have their traps inspected regularly. This helps them monitor their traps and keep them clog-free, so they remain working. This is a preventative measure used, so repairs and replacements are not needed for quite some time.

Plumbing Repair is a necessary component of having a grease trap. These traps quickly become filled with grease and oil deposits that are not meant to get into the waste water disposal system. Proper care and maintenance are required to ensure that does not happen. Anyone in need of grease trap repair may visit website to learn more. You can also connect them on Facebook for more updates.

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