Don’t Waste Your Money Purchasing Safety Equipment When You Can Rent

by | Apr 11, 2016 | Business

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If you are working on a home project and you need safety equipment, do not waste your money on purchasing safety tools when you can rent from a reputable safety supplier. When you purchase safety equipment it can be very expensive, and if you only need it once then you have to find a place to store it.  You can eliminate the hidden cost of inefficiency due to the use of receiving the wrong type or size of equipment and the repair and maintenance incurred when you purchase. When you choose to rent safety equipment, a customer service representative will make sure you receive the correct equipment and size you need for the job. Breathing air rental is offered by a professional safety company, and they also provide several other safety equipment rentals as well.

Benefits of Renting Oxygen Equipment from a Safety Supplier

Do you need fresh air at your workplace?  If so, then you should rent oxygen equipment from a reputable safety supplier. Supplied air respirators differ from air-purifying respirators. They will deliver clean air whereas the other filters out toxins from unclean air. There are some sites where supplied air respirators may be needed such as a chemical manufacturing plant, spray-on truck bed liner operations, certain spray-painting operations, tunneling, asbestos abatement work, and hazardous waste site work to name a few.

A Few Safety Equipment Items You can rent:

* Breathing Air 6 or 12-Pack
* Small or Large Cascade Breathing Air Trailer- 10 or 16 Bottles
* High Pressure Breathing Air Compressor- 25 to 55 CFM
* Hip Air with 5 Minute Escape Bottle- MSA
* Extra Respirator for Hip Air or Ska Pak-Small or Large

Why You Should Use Rental Safety Equipment from a Professional Company

When you use rental equipment, you eliminate the factor of having to find a place to store the tools after you are finished using it. On occasion, all equipment will breakdown no matter how well it is taken care of. However, when rented equipment fails, it will be replaced by the rental company and when the equipment is being repaired it will cost you nothing. Renting equipment is simple and stress-free because when you rent, it includes full maintenance, no spare parts inventory, no repair shop, no mechanics, and no maintenance record. Renting equipment only offers you a one-account cost figure and that is the rental invoice. The license costs and personal property taxes are eliminated on rented equipment.

Breathing air rental is provided by Code Red Safety. Contact them today via their website for more information regarding the safety equipment they offer.

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