Planning Ahead will Help Riverwalk Weddings Run Smoothly

by | Jun 10, 2015 | Wedding

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Holding your wedding ceremony or reception in a public place can be tricky, but it is often a good way to save money. Most people don’t have $20,000 or more to spend on a wedding or, even if they do, they may want to put that money in other things, such a house. Choosing non-traditional places to hold a wedding, such as riverwalk weddings, saves money, but you need to plan them carefully.

Check the Calendar

If you are considering a public place for your wedding ceremony or reception, check with the city to make sure there are no special events on the day of your wedding. A charity run or a city-wide event could make booking the venue impossible and you will have to consider another location. However, if you coordinate your calendars, you may be able to schedule your ceremony at your preferred location.

Avoid the Weekends

During the summer months, it may be difficult to have riverwalk weddings on the weekends so you may wish to schedule your event for days other than Saturday or Sunday. The warm weather is going to draw crowds to popular attractions and your special day could be overrun with strangers just wanting to get out of the house and enjoy the weather.

Check Traffic Flow

If you do want to hold your event on the weekend, find out when the peak hours for visitors are and schedule accordingly. By contacting the city, you should be able to find out when the traffic is heaviest in the area. This information will give you a good idea of how much foot traffic you can expect at popular attractions like the riverwalk. You can then schedule your ceremony or reception for off-peak hours.

Don’t Forget the Permit

When you hold any event in a public space, you will need to get a permit from the city for it. They will most likely want to know how many people you are expecting for your reception or ceremony, how long it will be and other information they can use to help you coordinate the event. The city will charge a fee, which may be nominal compared the price of renting most traditional wedding venues. The city may also help with barriers to block off the space during the time you are having the event.

Using an attraction like the riverwalk would make a nice background for your wedding ceremony or a small reception. However, in order to make your day go smoothly, you will need to plan ahead and coordinate your efforts with the city. Riverwalk weddings can be memorable if you make sure to coordinate the date and time with the city so your event isn’t disrupted.

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