Marquee Hire For Your Business Or Corporate Event

by | Jun 11, 2015 | Business

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Most businesses will offer one or two mandatory events and maybe one picnic or fun event that the whole family can enjoy. If your company does this, you may want to consider marquee hire for your corporate event because it offers a lot of benefits to you, the company and the guests.

Spectacular Look

Impressive events are those that are planned and thought out, but it’s not just about being dramatic and looking great. You can spend thousands of dollars to have live entertainment and the best food, but party tents can also help the event be sensational and impressive without spending so much money. When people see a large tent that’s set up, they can’t wait to see what’s inside and what’s going on, making you instantly familiar.


If this is a business meeting, you want it to be memorable for many reasons. You are probably going to be talking about new rules, etiquette or new ideas that you want to launch, so the more people are paying attention, the more they’ll remember. One thing that people remember is big and unique marquees set up just for them or for the event because it reminds them that they are important. This will make them pay more attention to what the meeting is about.


Chances are, more than just the guests will see the marquee hire, so including branding, such as advertisements, your logo, the brand name and other helpful things can ensure that everyone knows who you are. They can then go online to find out more about you, which may help generate sales.


Marquees are available all-year round, so you won’t have to worry about having shelter in bad weather. Even if you think it will be sunny and warm that day, you may still want to consider marquees to help keep things under control. With a quick phone call, you’ll have what you need whenever it’s required, making it simple to do something memorable without having to pay a lot of money.

No Worries About Weather

The weather is fickle, and just when you think it’s going to be warm and sunny, it turns foggy or rainy. This weather problem can affect many corporate events, but with a marquee hire, you won’t have to worry. Even if it rains, your guests will stay safe and dry.

A marquee hire for your business or corporate event isn’t just about looking good and helping people find you but is also about comfort and fun. Visit Harts today to learn about their options and call for a quote.

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