Three Reasons to Call a Mold Removal Service in Oakland

Posted by Phineas Gray on June, 2015

1. Health Dangers

Repeated exposure to mold and mildew, such as mold growing in the walls, can cause a host of health problems. Respiratory problems such as asthma and respiratory infections are most common. Symptoms of allergic reactions to mold are itchy and watery eyes, dry eyes, sinus pressure, sinus inflammation, headaches, earaches, and mucus buildup.

In more extreme cases, eczema results from repeated exposure to mold and/or mildew. The two types of eczema that arise as a result are nummular eczema and dyshidrotic eczema. Both are characterized by painful, itchy sores that arise on the skin. The sores tend to scab over and ooze pus. They usually appear on the arms and legs but can move towards the center of the body.

Rarely, depression and anxiety result from mold exposure. If you are more anxious than usual and cannot determine what exactly is causing you to be anxious, you might want to call a mold removal service. The same applies for depression. These symptoms can ruin your quality of life.

2. Home Price

According to Federal and State regulations, a home cannot be sold with mold in the walls. If you are looking to sell your house, re-negotiate your mortgage, or rent out a room, you have to deal with any possible mold.

When mold is detected by a home inspector, the house is deemed unlivable until a mold removal service handles the problem. Because your home is technically unlivable, you will not be able to re-mortgage your house until you remove the mold. The house isn’t worth very much in an unlivable state, so the bank has no incentive to re-negotiate your mortgage. Also, you cannot rent out a room in your house until you deal with the issue at hand. Legally, you cannot expose someone to mold.

3. Remediation

Remediation is the term that means the removal of mold from your home. This can be a very expensive and time consuming process. Depending on how much the mold has spread, you could be greatly inconvenienced. If the mold is relegated to one room in the house, you can probably segment off the section of the house and have it removed. However, if you wait around, the mold will spread to more parts of your house and you might have to leave your house entirely.

Also, if you wait too long, the mold will spread to other areas of the house and grow more invasive. This means that the remediation process will be very involved. A mold removal service in Oakland or Louisiana or some kind of humid climate will be more involved and time consuming. It will also be more expensive. If you identify the problem early, the remediation process will be less disruptive.